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Intensely Lifelike Realism

Sharply detailed resolution. Brilliant color fidelity. The unique excitement of "being there." These are the pleasures you expect from your home theater, whether viewing a concert, performance, sports event or favorite show. However system performance — and your enjoyment of it — can be compromised by power-related problems.

Fortunately, the award-winning Empower design team has achieved the gold standard of state-of-the-art power delivery: (1) interference free clean power, and (2) reliable protection from surges and transients. Many power conditioning products offer one or the other, to varying degrees. Empower provides the very best of both — in other words, The Power of Superior Technology. When integrated with your home theater equipment, Empower’s innovative circuit design lets the entire system operate at peak performance, providing an immersive experience of pure sound and clear video — beyond perhaps even your imagination. As a result, the psychoacoustic "image soundstage” you enjoy — the four dimensional recreation of the original performance or event — is rendered in pristine visual and aural tonalities, like a veil has been removed from your system.

It’s All About the Power

Clearly, the better the components and program sources in your home theater, the better the picture and sound you will receive. But there is another vital link in the performance chain: your AC power. Empower is the only home theater power conditioner that couples clean, filtered AC power with patented, proven protection.

Here’s how it works. Empower advanced Impedance Tolerant® EMI/RFI filtering removes electro-magnetic and radio-frequency noise caused by the appliance motors, lighting, TVs, radios, computer monitors and other devices in your home. With Empower, you will see and hear the benefits — in clearer images, blacker blacks and more vibrant colors, as well as in purer sound across the audio spectrum, from dynamic bass notes to fully resolved mid-range tones and crystalline high frequencies.

Empower True Series Mode surge suppression protects your system against both catastrophic damage from lightning and massive surges, and cumulative damage from recurring everyday powerline transients.

Unlike any other technology, Empower surge suppression constantly monitors, blocks and contains surge energy to protect every component in your home theater.

Bottom line, your investment in an Empower EM510, EM1100 or EM 2100 will pay dividends in the form of years of optimal performance, trouble free operation, and a level of protection no other conventional power conditioner — nor its warranty — can possibly provide. Purchase and use it with confidence.

Guaranteed !!!   All Empower Products are backed by a 10 Year Warranty

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